RightCrowd Rapid Entry provides instant, contactless visitor and contractor ID verification in one easy to use handheld device.

Touchless ID Processing

A handheld mobile verifier can be deployed at counters, entry gates, loading docks, and anywhere that you need instant ID verification.

Accurate ID Capture

Data captured off of visitor's drivers license. No keying-in required eliminates the chance of data entry error.

Scan & Verify Visitor ID's

Capture visitor info in seconds. Quickly and accurately verify a visitor by reading their drivers license, license plate or visitor tag.

Create Portable Check Points

Bring the checkpoint to wherever it’s needed by simply bringing the handheld to wherever you need to establish the security checkpoint.





Provide rapid, contactless visitor ID checks and data entry for your sites and facilities.

Instant Authorization

After scanning either a license or license plate, RightCrowd Rapid Entry can use this identification to match a person against a list of prohibited people to deny them entry to the property.

A Security Checkpoint, Anywhere

A handheld mobile verifier can be deployed at reception desk, entry gates, loading docks, and anywhere that you need to check in visitors.

Contactless ID Checking

With a quick touchless scan of the visitor ID to validate, verify and protect your venue and facilities.

Fast Visitor Processing

Process large volumes of visitors, whether at the entry gate, reception area, loading docks, or other access points.



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What is RightCrowd Rapid Entry?

RightCrowd Rapid Entry is an add on solution that enables companies to deploy security checkpoints wherever they may be needed on a moment’s notice.

No longer do security checkpoints need to be limited to pre-designated locations such as reception areas, main gates or security checkpoints.

It can be deployed on a moment’s notice, for example, at entry points for ad hoc special events in a temporary tent, on construction sites, or at the entry to a lecture hall if additional verification is needed.

How can you setup security checkpoints on a moment’s notice?

The RightCrowd Rapid Entry solution consists of several elements:

– A handheld mobile verifier
– Rapid Entry enabled credentials/ID cards
– A Secure Website providing management valuable visitor data

The Rapid Entry mobile verifier is a battery operated, handheld device with both wi-fi and cellular connectivity, thus giving you the ability to deploy a security checkpoint wherever you have wi-fi or cellular data.

Once the mobile verifier is “activated” on the platform, you can move it to anywhere it’s needed without having to do any additional configuration changes.

How exactly does RightCrowd Rapid Entry work?

When a visitor comes to a security checkpoint the handheld mobile verifier quickly and accurately captures the visitor info from their drivers license.

The visitor is then provided a Rapid Entry enabled visitor credential/ID and is automatically added to the roster of who’s on site.  Rapid Entry can automatically check if the visitor is on a “barred entry” list, thus preventing any barred people from entering.

Optional add on features include:

– additional verification of the ID presented
– background check

Integrate into existing platforms:

– Visitor Management
– Video management

Does it replace my visitor management system?

RightCrowd Rapid Entry does include some basic visitor management functionality, but it was designed to supplement your visitor management system.

The solution provides the ability to quickly and accurately capture information on who is coming into your facility. Optional integration is available to various visitor management platforms.

We already have visitor entry kiosks, why should I consider adding RightCrowd Rapid Entry?

Visitor kiosks can help expedite the entry process, but they can still lead to entry delays when they malfunction.

RightCrowd Rapid Entry picks up where the kiosks have created a delay, again greatly reducing the visitor wait time. It provides a more pleasant entry experience thereby enhancing your company’s image.

Can the solution help with our safety concerns of visitors and staff?

At the moment is a lot of discussion regarding safety of visitors and staff.  These discussions often involve 2 major concerns:

– No contact
– Social distancing

RightCrowd Rapid Entry addresses and solves both of these concerns.

No contact is required and social distancing is maintained between your visitors and staff.  Your visitors hold up their drivers license to be read by the mobile verifier. The mobile verifier can read drivers licenses held up to 18” away from the verifier. The Rapid Entry credentials can be pre-sanitized and no contact needs to occur between visitor and staff.

Can the solution help with planning my security staffing needs?

RightCrowd Rapid Entry’s visitor pre-registration data can be viewed on a secure website by managers.

This dashboard allows you to see when pre-registered visitors will be arriving and can how many visitors will be arriving during certain time slots.

By knowing how many visitors and when they are arriving, managers can adjust staffing levels to accommodate the expected volume of visitors during specific time slots.

What happens if my device breaks?

All RightCrowd Rapid Entry solutions require a service subscription agreement.

This agreement provides access to the secure web dashboard as well as hardware maintenance plan which includes hotswap as a standard feature.

If your mobile reader becomes inoperable during your agreement and we can not get it to properly reset, we will overnight a replacement unit so that your downtime is minimized.

The hotswap will require that you provide us a credit card authorization in the event that the damaged unit is not returned to us within 5 days.

How quickly can I deploy RightCrowd Rapid Entry?

RightCrowd Rapid Entry starter kits can be sent as quickly as overnight. Your starter kit will include:

– Handheld mobile verifier
– Battery
– Charging base
– AC Adapter
– Rapid Entry app pre-loaded
– An assortment of Rapid Entry enabled credentials
– You can buy additional credentials if you already have a preferred credential type
– Login credentials to the secure web dashboard

Once your starter kit arrives, simply charge the handheld mobile verifier and login to the web dashboard and you are immediately up and running!

Does RightCrowd offer a more “automated” solution for me to manage who’s on site?

If you are interested in a more “automated” solution, please contact us about our Enterprise Evacuation solution, where your visitors simply walk through predesignated check points and are automatically detected and their location info is automatically updated without any user intervention required.

They simply walk to wherever they were going.


What makes us different from the other companies


RightCrowd has built up 15 years’ experience solving complex safety, security and compliance challenges.

Enterprise focus

We understand the complexity of safety, security and compliance in large organizations. That is our sweet spot.

Leverage your investment

We integrate business, operational and security systems to unlock data and improve organizational outcomes.


Our solutions help organizations reinvent safety, security and compliance processes to re-imagine best-practice.

Customer first

Every customer counts, and we want each product implementation to be successful.

Deliver value

Every one of our products has been developed to better manage your safety, security and compliance risks.


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